Tasco Black Thailand

Description Model
Manifold R22, R134a, R404a, R407c TB120SM
Manifold Gauge R32, R410a TB140SM
Mini Tube Cutter TB20T
Tube Cutter TB30T
Eccentric Cone Flaring Tools TB550
Flaring Tools TB-550
Flaring Tools TB-550
Manifold Tasco TB120SM and TB140SM
Manifold Tasco TB120SM and TB140SM
Mini Tube Cutter Tasco TB20T
Mini Tube Cutter Tasco TB20T
Tube Cutter Tasco TB30T
Tube Cutter Tasco TB30T

Tasco Japan


About Tasco

We are pleased to announce that effective from April 1, 2015, Tasco Japan Co. Ltd. changes its name to ICHINEN TASCO CO., LTD.

Our business has been steadily growing for forty years since we established Tasco in 1975, this is thanks to your constant patronage to our products. We deeply appreciate it.
I would like to extend our fresh start greeting with new company name.

Since it was established in February 1975, TASCO has expanded its business for 40 years based mainly on air conditioning tools development, manufacturing and import selling as No.1 sales and high reliability brand “TASCO”.
In 1990, the measurement division was newly set up. We have expanded our development of business activities by supplying our customers with a variety of needs by proposing and providing the exact & correct measuring instruments, from instruments needed in the production site to the far ends of the academic fields.
Since May 29, 2013, we have joined in ICHINEN GROUP with strengthen of machine tool sales segment. As a leading company with “TASCO” brand for selling air conditioning tools in Japan, we shall engage in the promotion of overseas development by our experience in the overseas trading operation. Moreover, as our growth strategy is overseas development, we keep striving to achieve further development, then, improve performance of ICHINEN GROUP and synergy effect utilization.

On February 25, 2015, we concluded a joint venture merger agreement with LEGA CORPORATION which is local corporation in Thailand. Many Japanese makers are based in Bangkok where the air conditioning tools market expand more and more in medium-long term due to the introduction of refrigerant regulation and the growth rate of the economy is expected to rise.
From the middle of 2015, TASCO (THAILAND) will start operation with “TASCO BLUE LABEL” which is products-line specially designed for ASEAN at low price range.

From bottom of our heart, we thank to the support made by all the stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and partner companies.

We keep making our best to supply the very best products to the customers.