Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy

We offer engineering consultancy for your project. Supported by qualified and experienced engineers, together we can work on small and large projects. We are backed by a complete computerized design and refrigeration package to execute the projects.

The benefit of engineering consultancy:

  • By consultancy, you will decide the right design for your air-con and refrigeration needs.
  • You can save more energy costs without decrease the quality of your products.
  • You can determine the design that fits your budget.
Rental Unit Aircond  & Refrigeration Cold Storage

Rental Unit Aircond & Refrigeration Cold Storage

We offer the ideal solution to keep all your products chilled or frozen. Our air-con units and cold storage are designed especially to offer flexible, high-quality solutions for storage shortage.

The benefit of renting air-con units and cold storage :

  • By renting, you commit to costs for a shorter, more predictable period and can adapt your needs to flexible demand and to the requirements of your products.
  • Renting a temperature controlled storage unit gives you the most accurate overview of your operating costs.
  • The additional maintenance costs are included in the rental price.
  • Rental at a fixed monthly rate can make predictable and consistent cash flow.
Replacement Coil

Replacement Coil

We also make a custom design replacement coil for your chiller and refrigeration units. Coils are available in various size with copper headers, connection and casings.